Ed Piskor!

March 20, 2013

Ed Piskor Visit to Art Lab


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Art Lab interns were thrilled to host Ed Piskor this week. Ed is a published cartoonist and comic book author who is currently in an artist residency at the Thurber House here in Columbus, Oh. He stopped in to talk to our interns about his career drawing comics, and to give a demo on how he starts a drawing.

Ed started out just drawing for fun. As his talent grows, so does his professional career. He has drawn for comic book author Harvey Peekar, and is currently illustrating for an Adult Swim series, Mongo Wrestling Alliance.

He spoke about professional practice ins and outs, as well as the process of being published. Ed has worked hard on getting his comics out in the world, and has created an impressive online presence and following. He never stops self-promoting, and his success is credited to his ongoing persistence.

Ed Piskor

Ed passed around his self-published work, as well as his new hard cover book he designed himself. He also showed us some of the zines he has made over the years. It was great for our interns to see these publications, as we were planning on making a zine of our own later that day.

All of our interns were interested in what Ed’s process looks like. He grabbed a blank piece of paper and some rulers he brought, and being mapping out a page for a drawing. He went through his list of materials, pens, inks, and pencils. He went through each one, explaining why he chose that particular model and how long it took him to find the right match for each of his drawing techniques.

After lunch, the Art Lab interns took a look at some examples of zines, and talked about how we were going to turn our staff interviews into a CMA publication. The interviews we had were from our last Social Sunday when we had a museum-wide staff appreciation day. Interns interviewed different staff members and participated in their job tasks on our free Sunday. The asked staff questions about their job and recording this info into a zine complete with pictures and artwork. We handed out or zine to staff at the end of the day, and made sure some were circulating around the building.

Makin' Zines


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